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About Ballistic Fabrics

About Ballistic

IMPORTANT:  Testing of any new design is recommended for those companies or individuals trying to manufacturer bullet resistant items using Kevlar or Spectra / Dyneema Fabrics. It can take many plies of ballistic fabric such as Kevlar to stop a bullet or sharp objects, so testing of any new design is highly encouraged. Note: We do not have the answer to how many plies your design will need.

KEVLAR® is an advanced technology from DuPont that helps transform ordinary products into extraordinary ones. It combines high strength with light weight, durability and protection. Products made with KEVLAR®—from protective apparel and sports equipment to automotive armor—help those who use them to do more, go farther, and be even better at what they do.
KEVLAR® is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet, at the same time, is lightweight, flexible and has many uses. It is this unique combination of attributes that enable those who use it to realize success, to perform to their fullest potential and to achieve their personal best.
By using Kevlar Fabric in conjunction with a Thermoplastic film system, it's possible to mold or laminate Kevlar into light weight ballistic panels or armor. These Ballistic Panels find extensive use in the automotive armor industry as well as architectural applications such as bank counters, safe rooms, and guard stations, to name a few. Kevlar Fabric is also used in making Bullet and Stab Resistant Vests not only used by the Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world, but by private citizens as well.

Aramid and High Performance Fabrics
Aramid and high performance fabrics are not only used in architectural ballistic applications such as Government Buildings, Guard Houses, Bank Teller Counters, Judges Bench/Desk, Private Homes, and Safe Rooms to name a few. They are also found extensively in bullet, fragment, and stab resistant soft body armor used worldwide by militaries, federal agencies, police, and prison guards and where high tenacity fibers are necessary. These extremely durable fabrics are woven from the following fibers:
  • Kevlar® is an organic fiber from the DuPont Corporation. Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel, weight for weight. Kevlar® provides excellent impact resistance and is one of the lightest structural fibers available on the market today. Kevlar® is generally yellow in color and soft to touch. Kevlar® is commercially available in two compositions.
  • Kevlar® 49 is used extensively in marine, sporting goods, and aerospace applications. There are unlimited uses for this fiber. Woven Kevlar™ fabrics are used in both ballistic and composite materials applications.
  • Kevlar® 29, a tougher yarn is more suited for ballistic protection. Kevlar® 29 is used both in soft body armor applications such as personal protection vests, and as a reinforcement for hard armor, helmets, spall panels, and electronic housing protection.
  • Twaron® is a lightweight, high strength fiber made from aramid polymer supplied by Accordis. Twaron® features a similar combination of properties to Kevlar®, making it an unusually versatile and valuable material for reinforcement and other applications. Twaron’s® characteristics include good dimensional stability and high modulus; it does not corrode or wear.
  • Spectra® is an ultra lightweight, high-strength polyethylene fiber developed by Honeywell International Corporation. High damage tolerance, non-conductivity and flexibility, high specific modulus and high energy-to-break, low moisture sensitivity, good UV resistance, all make this fiber a good aramid alternative. This fabric is typically used in ballistic and high impact composite applications. Woven Spectra(tm) fabrics are very strong and lightweight and are used in both ballistic and composite materials applications.
  • Zylon® consist of a rigid chain of molecules of poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole)(PBO). This new fiber from Toyobo has excellent tensile strength and modulus properties. Fabrics made from Zylon® are found in both ballistic and composite applications.
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