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Rapid Response Tactical Vest
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Rapid Response Tactical Vest
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Rapid Response Tactical Vest
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rapid response

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Rapid Response Bullet Proof Vest giving protection up to threat level III (NIJ). This level includes all handguns, AK47 and .303 hunting rifles. Also available in Level IV.
Lightweight, comfortable to wear and very affordable.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE to fit all sizes. Please still give chest size below.This is a tactical bullet proof vest which is suitable for Police, Military, Security and all Law Enforcement personnel.

* Contour Style 10" x12" Plate fitted front and back. Level 111 or Level IV optional.
* Fully adjustable to fit most sizes.
* Weight of Vest with 4mm Steel Plates 10" x 12" (25cm x 37cm) is 6,4kg / 14 lb
* Weight of vest with 4mm Steel Plates 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) is 4,6kg / 10 lb
* Weight with 2 level IV ceramic plates is 4.6 kg / 14 lb
* The carrier is made of Cotton and Nylon.

The front and back are two separate panels joined with two shoulder straps and two side straps on each side which have Velcro fasteners. This design makes the vest fully adjustable. The steel/ceramic plates are rounded (contoured) and are inserted front and back in specially made pockets allowing for easy removal if necessary.

For sizes XL and XXL there is an additional 10% charge.
For XXXL there is an additional 20% charge.

Level 111 Steel Armor or Ceramic Plates 10" x 12" are included in the price.

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Bullet Proof Vests Giving Protection up to threat Level 3(NIJ), which includes all handguns, AK47 and 303 Hunting Rifles.

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