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Ballistic Steel 16"x16" Armor Sheild. Multipurpose use.

Product Details
Threat Level Rating: NIJ III
Model: Steel Tile NIJ III16x16

Quick & Easy Install AR 500 Bullet Proof Steel Plate 16" x 16" x 1/4" Powder Coated in color black matte for cosmetic and weather resistance. Steel Plates come with 1/4" inch four corner mounting holes, and one person can easily install a 4'x8' wall in 30 minutes. Protection Level NIJ III and will stop most Rifle Rounds and most high-powered handguns.

AR 500 Steel bullet proof plates Level NIJ III 1/4" thick 16" x 16" inch color Black Matte: Each (AR 500) High Hard Bullet Proof 16” x 16" AR 500 Steel Plate provides 1.78 square feet of protection and can be easily mounted to any flat surface. Each tile has four 1/4" mounting holes, one in each corner to accommodate 16” on center framing studs which is the standard measurement for spacing in wood frame construction. Built to withstand NIJ LEVEL III attacks, these armor tiles provide an extremely high level of personal protection.

• Fast and simple Installation, low labor cost and no itchy fiberglass to handle.

• Withstands multiple handgun, rifle and shotgun blasts

• Multiple uses, weather resistant, can be mounted in front of, or behind surfaces

• Supplied as 16x16” tiles for easy stud mounting

• Suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, retail and private locations and more.

• Custom plate sizes and colors are available: A minimum order quantity will apply for custom orders. Email or call for quote.

if needing multiple plates please call for a shipping quote 440-992-2331 or use our request a quote page.

See our request a quote page for special request such as custom colors, shapes and sizes or call 440-992-2331 and we will be happy to assist. Email:

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