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Bulletproof Mobile Whiteboard

Our Mobile Bulletproof Whiteboard Presentation Units are made using a proprietary ballistic technology offering Work Space and Classroom environments a front-line solution to protect against rifle and most ballistic threats. Our bulletproof Whiteboards are a functional Dry Erase Boards that are fortified with military-grade ballistic armor, the large surface can resist multiple bullets from handguns to assault rifles and can be deployed in less than 30 seconds increasing the chances of survival in classroom and workplace violence and active shooter events. Made in America.

Turn your room into a safe-room or locate in hallways as a movable shield for first responders

• Deploy and engage in less than 30 seconds

• Easy rolling wheels glide over carpet, tile, cement or any similar floor covering

• Withstands multiple handgun, rifle and shotgun blasts

• Barrier designed to frustrate attackers • Allows law enforcement time to respond

• American Made in Northeast Ohio:

If you would like to place an order, get a quote or just have a few questions, please call 440-992-2331


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