Kevlar Panels

Kevlar Bullet Proof Panels: Our Kevlar Bullet Proof Panels can be found all over the world being used tin various Bullet Proof Applications where a light weight and easy to install Bullet Proof Protection System is needed. Our Kevlar NIJ IIIA Flexible Kevlar Bullet Proof Panels can be found in Court Rooms, Municipality Common Areas, Police Stations, Car Armor, Grade Schools, High Schools & Universities and in many industrial applications to name a few. The Kevlar Panels are flexible enough to bend around a radius, they are also Thermo Activated, meaning a heat gun can be used to bend the panels into shape and they will retain that shape when cooled.

The Kevlar smaller panel sizes work well as a briefcase insert, for backpack protection, slipping into larger purses, car doors, and many other personal protection applications. Keep one in your car or throw a few in your trunk and if ever needed you are protected. . These are easy to install if putting on a surface. Screw or glue and they can be easily mounted just about anywhere. Larger Kevlar Panels can be cut with a Razor Knife or a jigsaw with a toothless knife edge blade.

Larger Panels are available: 50" wide and up to 96" long. We can Water Jet shapes and custom cut panels from larger panels into smaller sizes.

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