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Kevlar® Ballistic Grade Fabric: 3 yards FREE Kevlar® Shears

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Product Details
Model: K29-Style 745

Kevlar® 29 Style 745 Ballistic Grade Fabric 50 inches wide x 3 yards long. Free Kevlar Shears.

Weight: 14oz. Sq. Yd.

Width: 50 inch width
Denier: 3000
Weave: Plain
Thickness: 24.1 (mils) 0.61 (mm)
Breaking Strength: Length & Width Directions
Length: 1600 (lbf/in)
Width: 1800 (lbf/in)
Thread Count: 17 x 17 Length & Width

Used in a number of personal protection applications including Bullet Proof Vests, Car Armor and Cockpit Door Armor to name a few.. It’s a tough all around fabric.

Notes for fabric purchases:

1. Pricing shown is for 3 continuous yards x 50" inches wide. Not 3 individual yards.

2. If you are interested in purchasing this fabric in whole roll quantity, rolls average from 100 to 150 yards. Please contact us at or call us at 1-440-992- 2331 to place your order for full rolls. Due to the variance of full roll yardage, we cannot compute this online.

VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: It takes Multiple layers of this material to make something Bullet resistant. Testing of any new design is recommended.

Note: We do not have the answer to how many plies your design will need.

Kevlar® Shear

Makes Kevlar cutting easy not frustrating.

The Clauss 18425 has a specially designed serrated blade edge that is perfect for cutting Kevlar® materials. It also cuts many other types of fabrics. Micro-serrated blades for true grip and cut performance.

Specifically designed to cut Kevlar® materials, plastic, canvas, upholstery and other materials: Molybdenum and vanadium blades for industrial strength High carbon alloy steel: Grey handles: Length: 8" Lifetime warranty.

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