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Welcome to ArmorCo Online!

Kevlar stops the bullet cold!ArmorCo is a distributor / manufacturer of Hi-tech bullet resistant materials and personal protection products. We represent many of the largest companies in the world offering you the finest quality products at extremely competitive prices. We handle a wide variety of Law Enforcement Products including Body Armor – Bullet Proof Vests, Trauma Plates, Kevlar® (aramid) fabrics, Night Vision, Stun Guns, bomb blankets and much more.

ArmorCo bullet resistant armor panels contain the most advanced ballistic composite materials available. Light weight Kevlar® panels, Fiberglass bullet resistant panels, and Spectra® and Polyethylene panels are designed and manufactured using the latest state of the art technologies. Our mission is to offer the highest quality bullet resistant and blast resistant products at competitive prices, while responding to customers needs on a timely basis.

Our parent company is Infinity Composites, Inc.  and we are a small Northeast Ohio company with very large capabilities. We press Kevlar Panels right here is Ashtabula Ohio which is 50 miles east of Cleveland Ohio.  Not only do we press panels here in Ashtabula, we also utilize the manufacturing capabilities of our sister companies across the USA.  So whatever your requirements, we can either partner up with a number of different manufacturers who we work with on a regular basis or press your order right here in Ashtabula, Ohio.    We are an old fashioned company and we will provide quotes on a timely basis and we provide our products to the general public, military, law enforcement, municipalities, and we also export. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all companies selling Kevlar Panels actually press the panels at their location; those companies are just middlemen aka resellers with flashy websites who mark the panels up and just collect a fee.   They will ship direct from the manufacturer to your specified location and they never actually see or touch the panels.  For legal reasons we are not naming any of these companies because some are our customers / resellers.  So please do yourself a favor, don’t pay more than you should for something as important as your company’s profit margin or your own bottom line or your companies good name.   Our promise to you is we will give you the very best product, the very pricing, and we will be there for you or your customer all the way.     

 For US Government and Military Contractors:  We are a military contractor Cage Code 3KMJ2 listed in the Central Contracting Registry under Infinity Composites, Inc. and we are also a certified small business located in a HubZone.

Applications for our Bullet Resistant Armor Panels may include:
• Judges Bench
• Court Rooms
• Bank Teller Partitions
• Speakers podium
• Ticket Booths
• Sky Lifts for Border Patrol
• Law Enforcement Agencies
• Automobile applications / Car Armor
• Safe Room / Panic Room
• Residential / Commercial Protection
• Your Project
ArmorCo also supplies a full line of security and protection products such as Bullet Proof Helmets, Batons and Truncheons, Kevlar® Protective Gloves, Pepper Sprays, Armored Cars and more. We also carry Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors and Fisher Metal Detectors for the Metal Detector professional and hobbyist.  If you would like any information on any of our products or armor panels please e-mail us with the appropriate contact information and we will contact you as quickly as possible. We distribute most products for use by, but not limited to, Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Companies, and all Branches of the Military. We also provide Bullet and Blast Resistant Products to Contractors and Construction Companies doing Architectural Retrofits and New Construction. We also supply materials to Businesses for Industrial applications and to Private Citizens concerned about their personal security requirements.

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