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Fiberglass Flat 10"x12" SAPI Cut Inserts. UL 752 Level 3 (Set of 2)

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Product Details
Threat Level Rating: UL 752 Level 3
Model: Fiberglass SAPI

(2) UL 3 SAPI CUT Vest Inserts: Protects against ( 44mag, 357, 9mm ) 10" x 12"

Only 3.9 pounds ( 8 pounds combined ) each and at 1/2" thick these inserts are a bargain at this price.

2 Fiberglass Flat SAPI Cut Bullet Resistant Armor Inserts: Each insert size is 10” x 12” and has a SAPI angled cut to fit most plate carrier designs or backpacks. UL 752 Level 3 Specifications: Application Most commonly used protection against superpoweredhandguns such as the .44 Magnum with muzzle energy of 971-1175 foot-pounds (1317-1593J).

These Fiberglass inserts are non-ricochet and non-spalling and have multiple hit capabilities.

Made right here in Northeast Ohio. Buy American from our All-American Ohio based Company and not from China.

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