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Kevlar NIJ IIIA Panels 11 ply. 50 inches wide x 96 inches long. These Kevlar Panels will stop most all hand guns up to .44 mag

Our Kevlar® Aramid panels are made using an advanced and innovative proprietary adhesive formulated to reduce the number of layers needed to defeat NIJ IIIA rounds. The resulting panel is lighter in weight and thinner than previous Kevlar panels.

To make sure each panel is exactly the same we use state of the art high pressure hot / cold presses. We also insert heat sensors between each individual layer monitoring the inner core temperature to guarantee a perfect Kevlar laminate able to stop up to NIJ IIIA rounds.

The 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag are no match for this thin light weight Kevlar Armor and we have independent test facilities test reports to back up our claims. Our Kevlar Armor is perfect to use in safe room Walls, Bank Teller Partitions, Judges Chambers, behind court room desks and judge’s desks, guard booths, car armor, armored vehicles and anywhere a flexible light weight bullet resistant solution is needed.

Our Kevlar Panels can be installed in a walls and behind desks and in vehicle doors using polyurethane based glue such as Sikaflex 255. Also these panels do not need predrilling as a self-tapping screw / drywall screw will go right through into a stud or a desk with little effort.

We also have water jet capabilities and can cut using a DXF file or a drawing. We can cut Kevlar armor panels to your exact specifications, please contact us for a quote.

Kevlar Bullet Resistant panels are designed to meet the following specifications:

  • Less than 1/4" thick
  • Ultra Light weight at 1 lb. per square foot. Panel weight 34 lbs.
  • Flexible and Thermoformable
  • High strength, and low density
  • Excellent energy absorption
  • Defeats multiple round threats
  • Exceed National Institute of Justice ballistic standards

Our aramid panels are primarily made from Kevlar® (Dupont) and we also can press Twaron® (Tejin Twaron)

Ballistic defeating properties up to NIJ level IIIA
(Defeats up to .44mag 1400 fps, 9mm 1400 fps, and lesser threats)

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