Kevlar Bullet Resistant Panel 12"x12" 12 Ply NIJ IIIA - FREE SHIPPING

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Kevlar Bullet Resistant Flexible Panel 11 Ply - FREE SHIPPING

Rated NIJ IIIA Stand Alone. It will stop NIJ IIIA rounds by itself with no need for a backing or strike face material.
Specification UL-752 REV.9 NIJ0108.01
Rated: UL-752 Levels 1-2-3-& 6 and NIJ Level IIIA

Panel size: 12" x 12"
Panel Weight: 1.02 lb Sq.Ft
Nominal Thickness: 0.183 In.

Weapon & Bullet Description: 44 Magnum. 240gr SWC 9mm 124gr FMJ
Impact Velocity: 1400 ft/sec - 426(m/sec) for both

Our Flexible Kevlar Ballistic Panels are Thermo Activated, meaning a heat gun can be used to bend the panels into shape and they will retain that shape.

This panel works well as a briefcase insert, backpack protection, slipping into larger purses, car doors, and many other personal protection applications.

Larger Panels are available: 50" wide and up to 96" long. We can Water Jet shapes and custom cut panels from larger panels into smaller sizes.

Request a Quote for Larger Sizes and Custom Cut Panels

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