Kevlar KM2 Style 850D x 63" wide Ballistic Grade Fabric. FREE SHIPPING!

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Kevlar KM2 Style 850D x 63" wide Ballistic Grade Fabric

Water Repellent Finish Applied
Weight: 5 oz.per sq.yd
Width: 63" inches
Denier: 850
Thickness: 9.0 (mils) 0.23 (mm)
Weave: Plain
Breaking Strength: Length /Width direction
Length: 880 (lbf/in)
Width: 950 (lbf/in)
Thread Count: 23 x 23 Length & Width

Notes for fabric purchases: 1. Pricing shown is per yard.

2. If you are interested in purchasing this fabric in whole roll quantity, please contact us at or call us at 1-440-992-2331 to place your order.

***. IMPORTANT NOTE: It takes multiple plies / Layers of this fabric to make something bullet resistant. CERTIFICATION: Testing of your design or application is highly recommended. If you desire to have your end product certified for ballistic protection you can contact US Test Labs, or HP White Laboratory. If you desire to have ballistic certification, Kevlar fabric by itself in a single ply is not rated for any ballistic protection level, it is what you design and make that will get the certification rating. In other words, you have to make something with this fabric such as a Vest, or Kevlar Panel or in this case "your application" and then have it tested at a Ballistic Test Lab to get ballistic certification.

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