Kevlar Panel 10"x13" Bullet Resistant Insert - NIJ IIIA

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Brand: ArmorCo

Kevlar Bullet Resistant Panel 12 Ply

It will stop medium arm rounds by itself with no need for a backing or strike face material.

Panel size: 10" x 13"
Panel Weight: 1.0 lb Sq.Ft
Nominal Thickness: 0.183 In. on average

We have ballistic test documents on 12 ply 15"x15" panels showing they passed NIJ IIIA test standards. We do not have panel specific test documents on the 10"x13"

This panel works well as a briefcase insert, backpack protection, slipping into larger purses, car doors, Trauma Plates for NIJ IIIA Bullet resistant vests, and many other personal protection applications.

Larger Panels rated NIJ IIIA available size 50" wide and up to 96" long. We can Water Jet shapes and custom cut panels from larger panels into smaller sizes.

Request a Quote for Larger Sizes and Custom Cut Panels

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