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Kevlar Electric Scissors

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Kevlar Electric Cutter. This is an all-purpose Electric Cutter for cutting a verity of materials.

WBT-1 Electric Scissors: These amazing lightweight powered scissors cut multiple layers of Kevlar fabric and Fiberglass with ease. They come with two sets of high hardened tungsten steel blades for durability and longer life then comparable electric shears. Widely used in various industries as they offer superior dependability and fast accurate cuts.

These cutters will cut multiple layers of many different materials such as Kevlar fabric, fiberglass cloth, various boat and tooling fabrics, carbon fiber, clothing material, textile, leather, shoes and hats, furniture, packaging, carpets, burlap, curtain cloth, rubber, sporting goods materials to name a few. Can be used in households and industries. Fast charging, can continuously work for up to eight hours.

1. Convenient and portable, can be used either cordless using the rechargeable battery or be plugged directly in wall. Very reliable, safe and easy to operate.

2. Environmental protection: low consumption and highly energy efficient, so they enhance production efficiency.

3. With a tungsten steel blade, they have durable service, and the cutter head is easily changed.

4. With low noise, favorable heat emission, anti-fatigue, and strong continuous work capacity, they can be used both in households and industries.

Accessories: Fuselage Cutter head A (sharp blade), Cutter head B (blunt blade), Battery, Plug battery, Power adapter

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