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New Kevlar® swatch sample pack

This convenient Sample Pack contains five 9" x 12" swatches of all of our Kevlar® fabrics that we have in stock. It is ideal for determining which material you would like to try for your application. All Kevlar® fabrics in the sample pack are available for purchase by the yard and by the full 100-yard rolls. Plus, this Sample Pack includes FREE SHIPPING

Spec data Sheets for each sample comes with the Sample Pack.

Contains samples of:

K29-745 3000 Denier

KM2 Plus+ 850 Denier

KM2 850 Denier

KM2 600 Denier

K159-779 200 Denier Slash and Stab Resistant (in multiple layers)

The best way to determine exactly what type of Kevlar® will best serve your purpose. The sample pack offers you a chance to test and experiment with all our fabrics so you're sure you have the best fabric for the job.


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