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Bullet Proof Walls for Home & Office

Our Steel Wall Tiles offer an affordable easy to install bulletproof protection and are even strong enough for military use. We can supply bulletproof tiles that allow our customers to fortify and protect crucial areas, such as bedrooms, living rooms, reception desks, doors, and flat walls.

The idea behind these bullet proof tiles was to make an easy to install ballistic protection system that anyone can install simply with a screw gun and designed to be fixed into place on various surfaces. Our bullet proof steel can provide a safe environment for workers, customers and family. The Ballistic Steel Tiles we stock are 16-inch x 16-inch and can be purchased as a single tile or in bulk. The bulletproof panels can also be made in custom shapes and sizes; however, minim order quantities will apply.

Each 16″ x 16" wall tile provides 1.78 sq/ft of protection and can be mounted to any flat surface. Each Steel Tile has a precut corner mounting hole to accommodate 16″ on center studs. Built to withstand up to NIJ Level III attacks, these tiles offer a high level of personal ballistic protection currently available. Level IV panels are also available, please email us at or call 440-992-2331 for a quote. Take a look at our Steel Tile Page on our Website: STEEL Wall Plates


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