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Copy of Kevlar XP Soft Armor Panel NIJ IIIA Insert

if you're looking for a lightweight Kevlar® Body Armor or Backpack insert look no further. We have a few different sizes available that we keep in stock. And if you need custom sizes, we can make just about anything, however, minimum quantities will apply. There are two different cuts available, one has a Rectangle cut and the other has a "SAPI" angled cut and are made to fit most plate carrier designs or backpacks. Link: Rectangle Cut Soft Armor Kevlar Panels (

The Kevlar® inserts are Rated NIJ IIIA and we add additional layers for cushioning to protect against blunt force trauma also for Back-Face Deformation Protection. Fits most any Plate Carrier that accommodates 11" x 14" inserts and 10” x 12” Inserts

The Kevlar® Inserts are light weight at only 1 pound each and are 1/2" thick. By using Kevlar® XP in our design it helps reduce the potential for serious ballistic and trauma injuries. Our proprietary Uni-Directional cross ply technology will give the wearer peace of mind that they are protected in case of unexpected threats. Our Soft Armor inserts are made with 100% Kevlar® XP™ and covered with a durable black marine grade fabric with Water Repellant Coating that keeps the Kevlar Insert protected from UV light and moisture exposure.

Durable Black Marine Grade Fabric with Water Repellant Coating

• 29 layers 100% Kevlar® XP™ Soft Armor

• Lightest insert available at 1 pound and only 1/2" thick

• Extra Layers for Back Face Deformation Protection absorbing impact.

• Reduces back-face deformation by approximately 15% which saves life's

• Back Face Deformation less than 38mm: NIJ IIIA testing requires less than 44mm

• Meets and exceeds NIJ IIIA and other applicable global standards

• 10% lighter than other brands

• The same Kevlar and protection level found in many Police Vests around the world.

• Custom sizes available. Minimum quantiles will apply on custom sizes.

• NIJ IIIA Ballistic Test Reports and Test Pictures Available For Download at Checkout.

© 2023 DuPont. All rights reserved. DuPont™, Kevlar® and Kevlar® XP™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.


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