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Ballistic Fabric

Kevlar® 29 Style 745 Ballistic Fabric.

Product Details

Threat Level Rating: No Rating Model: Kevlar29/745/50 Weight: 14oz. Sq. Yd. Width: 50 inch width Denier: 3000 Weave: Plain Thickness: 24.1 (mils) 0.61 (mm) Breaking Strength: Length & Width Directions Length: 1600 (lbf/in) Width: 1800 (lbf/in) Thread Count: 17 x 17 Length & Width

It takes Multiple layers of this material to make something Bullet resistant. Testing of any new design is recommended for those companies or individuals trying to manufacturer bullet resistant items using Kevlar® or Spectra / Dyneema Fabrics. It can take many plies of ballistic fabric such as Kevlar® to stop a bullet or sharp objects, so testing of any new design is highly encouraged. Note: We do not have the answer to how many plies your design will need.


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