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Kevlar 2 Ply Laminate Bullet Resistant Fabric

We have an exciting new product to tell everyone about. It's two layers of soft bullet resistant Kevlar® Fabric laminated together with a proprietary adhesive film system for making multi layered Bullet Resistant Products. The fabric is 64 inches wide and we sell it by the yard for research and development purposes or for making ballistic inserts. It also comes in 60-yard roll lengths. So, we will cut as many yards as you like and or ship via UPS a full 60-yard roll. Click on this link Kevlar® Fabric 2 ply Laminate - Vest or Blast Fabric Sold by the Yard (

We have test data showing in a Mil-Std-662F V50 BALLISTIC LIMIT TEST 9 layers of the 2 ply equals (18 layers total) using a 9mm Remington 124 Grain FMJ. Partial penetration happened at 1,478 fps, 1,489 fps, 1,508 fps and Complete penetration at 1,514 fps, 1,524 fps,1543 fps.

So, it's safe to say that adding more layers will stop NIJ IIIA rounds and save lives. This fabric will also be great for making NIJ IIIA Rated Bomb blankets too. So if you would like to place an order give us a call at 440-992-2331


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