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Bulletproof Mobile Whiteboard

Bullet Proof Mobile Dry-Erase Whiteboards turn any classroom or office space into a safe-room in less than 30 seconds. Our Bullet Proof Whiteboards blend in seamlessly with any classroom or office décor and are a fully functioning Dry Erase Board, ArmorCo Whiteboards can be located in hallways as a rolling movable shield to protect first responders. The fully functional classroom whiteboards are 1/4" thick Ballistic Grade Steel with Quick-Lock Rolling Wheels. Unit weighs 500 pounds and easily rolls around any room or hallway with one person guiding the unit. When the Mobile Whiteboard is positioned with wheels locked in front of an entry door, the Bullet Proof Whiteboard is a formidable deterrent in active shooter situations.

Units take 2-3 weeks to build.


• Deploy and engage in less than 30 seconds

• Easy rolling wheels glide over carpet, tile, cement or any similar floor covering

• Withstands multiple handgun, rifle and shotgun blasts

• Barrier designed to frustrate attackers

• Allows law enforcement time to respond

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