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ArmorCo AR 500 Steel Tiles

ArmorCo AR 500 Tiles are made right here in North East Ohio come encapsulated in a hardened black powder coating in a black matte finish. These Steel Wall Tiles or Steel Bullet Proof Plates as they are often referred are super easy to install by one person with a screw gun.

A 4'x8' wall ( 18 Steel Wall Tiles ) can be quickly installed by one person in less than 30 minutes. These Steel Bullet Proof Tiles are often found in critical areas such as reception desks, doors, walls and classrooms.

Installation is a snap, each 16” x 16" AR500 wall tile provides 1.78 square feet of protection and can be easily mounted to any flat surface with four regular type screws and a screw gun. There is no need to drill mounting holes through the AR500 steel tiles, the AR500 Steel Tiles come supplied with four corner laser cut mounting holes to accommodate 16” on center studs and there is no need for a batten strip to cover seams. Designed to be fixed into place on various surfaces, these Ballistic Tiles can be installed in visible areas or in hidden locations to provide covert ballistic protection. The 16 x 16-inch tiles are available in a variety of custom color finishes to match any décor and custom shapes and sizes are also available. Built to withstand up to NIJ Level III attacks, our AR500 Bullet Proof Tiles offer the highest level of personal protection currently available. Custom options are available with this product so please request a quote to your specifications. Minimum order requirements on custom orders may apply.

With the ability to stop a 7,62 the AR500 Steel Tiles offer even more protection than our Kevlar Panels.


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