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Armorco SuperShield Fiberglass Ballistic Panels

In the world of bullet resistant materials Kevlar is the typical name bandied about. And while Kevlar is a super thin and light weight bullet resistant option it can also be a little pricey. The Armorco SuperShield fiberglass panels offer a range of protection, from small caliber hand guns all the way up to assault rifles, all without breaking the bank. In scenarios where weight and thickness aren’t really an issue the Armorco SuperShield panels are a cost effective answer to your bullet resistant needs.

Made utilizing multiple layers of specially woven fiberglass with a proprietary resin system our panels are fortified under extreme pressure using very high temperatures to create a strong panel with impressive stopping power. The “Super Panels” stop bullets by capturing the ballistic projectiles in an innovative process called ply-delamination, and they also defeat the projectiles without the danger of ricocheting or spalling. This process makes ArmorCo SuperShield Panels the safest, most cost effective, and easy to work with ballistic protection available today.

The Armorco SuperShield panels can easily be installed on wall studs or over the existing wall. If you can hang drywall you can install our panels. The Armorco SuperShield panels have been used in police stations, schools, courthouses, and panic rooms all across North America and abroad.

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